Can you hear me, Pippa...?

A young woman, PIPPA, 21, sitting in the midst of purple flowers, stands up. She looks up at the sky, frowning.

Old Man (V.O.)
Can you remember?

Pippa shakes her head, brows furrowed. The SILHOUETTE of a young man weaves through the trees. Pippa squints at the silhouette as her world cobwebs into streaks of darkness. Pippa scrambles to the FIRST TREE.

About Us

Pippa's Pan takes you, our Agent, through the forest of Pippa's mind to help re-capture fragments of her forgotten memories. Experimenting with techniques in animation, world building, motion-capture, 3D spatial audio, and even light field technology, Pippa's Pan is set to be one of virtual reality's first hybrid live-action short films.

A literal forest woven from the sinews of our team's ideas and youthful naiveté, our group of young dreamers will deconstruct concepts of storytelling to re-invent the relationship between audience and narrative.

Follow us as we build this forest.

Meet the Team
Pippa's Pan